Austin High Risk Pregnancy Clinic

Since pregnancy is one of the most critical times in a woman’s life, she must explore all options to ensure her baby is delivered safely and without complications. If you have concerns about a high-risk pregnancy in Austin, our team at Balcones Obstetrics & Gynecology can help you. Our Austin high-risk pregnancy clinic provides intensive evaluation and management of high-risk pregnancies to ensure the best pregnancy outcomes as your pregnancy develops.

How Do You Know You’re At Risk?

At-risk women may be…

  • Women over the age of 35
  • Women with infertility problems who conceived with the help of fertility treatment
  • Women with multiple gestation pregnancies (twins, triplets, quads)
  • Women whose previous pregnancies have had poor outcomes
  • Women with past medical issues that complicate pregnancies

Women with high-risk pregnancies may experience preterm labor, fetal loss, pre-eclampsia (pregnancy associated high blood pressure), or slowed growth of the baby, among other compilations. Women who require medications to manage their medical conditions are also at risk and should be counseled closely on medications and their effects on the pregnancy.

How We Will Care For You

First, if you think you may be a high-risk patient, be reassured. Know that all of the problems above have been managed successfully and repeatedly by Dr. Binford and our Austin high-risk pregnancy team. We will be your best ally in successfully managing the complex issues involving your own specific concerns. Most high risk pregnancies have successful outcomes!

During the first trimester, our high-risk obstetrics team in Austin will evaluate you, then watch you closely to monitor you and your baby’s progress. This will determine which actions need to be taken to support a healthy pregnancy.

Our main goal at Balcones OB/GYN is to assure that your baby’s health is protected. With that goal in mind, Dr. Binford advises that women who are high-risk have a hospital birth, rather than at a birthing center or at home. However, our facility at Seton Medical Center in midtown Austin has all the comforts of home, and also has state-of-the-art equipment and neonatal ICU services that can handle the complications that may arise during a high-risk labor and delivery in Austin.

Our Services Include:

  • Genetic Testing
  • Ultrasound
  • Fetal Monitoring
  • Blood pressure and urine tests at each visit

Balcones OB/GYN also has close alliances with Austin Perinatologists. These are doctors who specializes in the medical management of high-risk pregnancies, and pregnancy complications in general. If you are a high-risk patient, you may come to us on referral from one of these perinatologists, or we will help you choose one. The perinatologist is an important player in a healthy high-risk pregnancy in Austin – but they don’t deliver babies, they evaluate and advice. The delivery is for Dr. Binford!

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