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Bladder issues are common, but they often go untreated due to the stigma surrounding these issues. Women in Austin and across the world can experience somewhat light symptoms such as frequent urination or the urge to use the bathroom suddenly, or more serious and often embarrassing symptoms such as uncontrollable bladder or urine leakage. Urinary Tract Infections or Urinary Incontinence are two common causes of these symptoms.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) Doctor in Central Texas

UTIs are most commonly caused from bacteria, but can also develop from a virus or fungi. A UTI can cause frequent urges to urinate, which is commonly accompanied by pain or irritation. Abdominal pain and muscle aches and sensitivity are symptoms often associated with this type of infection. UTIs are the second most common infection, but can be tested for easily by providing a urine sample. White and red blood cells present in the urine can constitute a UTI because these cells are produced by the body to fight infections. At Balcones, we prescribe antibiotics to treat a UTIs, although some of our patients with recurring infections may need more tests and treatment based on their needs.

Urinary Incontinence Treatment

Also known as overactive bladder, Urinary Incontinence is another common issue for women that is embarrassing and often not treated due to this. This is where Balcones OBGYN comes in. Symptoms can be light such as occasionally leaking urine when the body is stressed, usually when sneezing or laughing, or sometimes when lifting or exercising. More severe symptoms include feeling sudden, extremely strong urges to urinate. Often the onset of these urges is so sudden that the person does not make it to the bathroom. The cause of Urinary Incontinence can vary, but can often be attributed to pregnancy, or post-pregnancy, age, and even being overweight. Medication can often be used to treat or manage this. Women can also work toward controlling their urges or scheduling bathroom trips to train the body to better manage this problem.

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