Expert Colposcopy Obstetricians in Austin

A colposcopy is a technique where the surface of the cervix is analyzed utilizing an instrument called a colposcope. One of our Austin doctors performs the procedure to check the surface of the cervix for irregularities.

Given the chance that you are recommended for a colposcopy after a Pap screening test, you shouldn’t expect that you have cervical cancer. Very few patients that are brought in for a colposcopy are found to have a cervical abnormality that requires treatment.

One reason why so much attention is set on screening for a cervical lesion is that there are progressions to cells that take numerous years before cancer can occur. Diagnosing and treating these cases at an early stage can keep growth from regularly appearing.

Reasons You Would Need a Colposcopy

A colposcopy is typically completed when the results of a Pap screening test show abnormalities of the cervix. A colposcopy may additionally be utilized to research things, for example, unexplained vaginal discharge and unexplained pelvic pain.

Treatment and Results

Our obstetricians at Balcones OB/GYN Austin can normally tell if there are any cell irregularities and whether or not treatment is needed. The degree of anomalous cells will be reviewed on a scale of one to three, with three showing the most abnormal amount of irregularity.

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