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When a couple is ready to conceive, it is an exciting time that is filled with anticipation. However, when nature doesn’t take its course within the first year, it can become very stressful for both partners as they question what is causing the delay. At Balcones Obstetrics & Gynecology, we provide infertility testing and treatment at our Austin clinic that can get to the bottom of any potential issues and possibly ease the way to conception. Couples need to have an open mind and understand that any concerns with fertility could be due to a difficulty with either partner. The only way to find out is to seek expert advice and begin fertility testing.

Female Factor

There are several, female factors that make pregnancy possible on the woman’s end. If all is in order and there are no difficulties on the male’s part, conception is more likely to happen. Ovaries that are functioning normally are a must in order for regular ovulation to occur. The fallopian tubes are another important component of the female reproductive system. They must be open, free of any blockages, in order to allow the egg to travel to the uterus. Cervical mucous is vital to ensure the sperm will be transported to the uterus. In addition, the uterus must be functioning normally and contain endometrium that is receptive to a partner’s sperm. It goes without saying that timing is key as well. Sexual intercourse must take place during ovulation or near that time period. Women need to be well aware of their ovulation schedule and be more sexually active during those peak times in order to conceive.

Male Factor

Male factors are also involved in order to achieve successful conception. Men must have an adequate sperm count. Their sperm must have motility, or the ability to move freely. In addition, it important that there is no presence of infection in the male reproductive tract. Men must not have any anatomic abnormalities that could get in the way, keeping sperm from arriving at their destination.

How Balcones OBGYN Can Help

Our Austin fertility clinic can help couples learn more about fertility and potential treatments. We can begin by performing infertility testing. For men, the process is quite simple and usually involves taking a semen sample. Hormonal testing can be performed as well. For women, a sonographic evaluation can be performed, targeting the uterus and ovaries. Hysterosonograms and hysterosalpingograms can also be performed in order to evaluate the condition of the fallopian tubes. Hormonal evaluation is another key factor that can contribute to fertility problems. We evaluate a woman’s hormone levels that are essential for conception.

Our Austin Infertility Services

Once all testing is completed, our Austin fertility team will provide couples with any tools available to assist them in conception. We can help women in ovulation prediction testing, allowing them to pinpoint their most fertile period during the month. Hormonal treatments are another option. If there are issues that require surgical correction, we can guide couples in the right direction.

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